When was the last time you thought about your Will? If you’re like most of us, it’s probably been a while. Chances are your life circumstances have changed since you first wrote your Will years ago. Think about the people named in your Will, the major life events that have taken place, and how different your life is today. Updating your Will doesn’t have to be a big to-do. If you plan to make only a few small changes, like leaving a gift to charity, your legal advisor can simply add a clause to your existing Will. If there are many changes to make, they may suggest starting from scratch.

And, if you’re thinking about adding Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation to your Will, we can help.

Thank you for considering a gift in your Will to City Hospital Foundation.

Creating or updating your Will takes time and effort, but it is important and fulfilling. As a key part of your estate plan, your Will lets you decide with whom you want to share your assets. Your Will is the ultimate expression of the values and beliefs you hold in life. It is about your interests and passions, not merely your assets.

Remembering what’s important to you

Your Will is an opportunity to reflect on what matters most to you. And you can support the work of a charity—like the Foundation—and your loved ones. In fact, a gift in your Will can provide tax benefits that are passed on to your heirs. Your charitable designation can be claimed against 100% of net income on the final two lifetime tax returns. In short, a gift to the Foundation could increase your gift left for loved ones. Your professional advisor can provide you with more guidance.

What we provide for you is not intended to replace legal advice. We encourage and expect you to seek independent advice from your trusted advisors. But we can help you—and us—plan for the future.

Contact Us

You are welcome to contact us for more information about legacy giving and for a copy of our HOW TO Leave a Legacy package or for a confidential conversation about including the Foundation in your legacy plans. It’s always wonderful to hear stories about what our Hospital has meant to our most loyal and cherished donors, so please don’t hesitate to connect at any time.

Thank you for your ongoing and vital support!

Nicole Semko, Director of Development
Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation
[email protected]