Adrian and Olive’s Story

When he was a soldier, my father stepped on a land mine and was critically injured. It was a miracle he survived, and after he had years of rehabilitation and multiple operations on his arms, his legs and his eyes. But as a kid, I never saw him as incapacitated in any way. He did everything: he was an avid golfer, a talented furniture maker and he and mum were gold medalists in ballroom dancing.

Giving to live our values.

Olive and I took a tour of the rehab centre at City Hospital and we saw the same spirit: people trying tenaciously to get back to where they have been, with the help and support of excellent medical staff. Especially after the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, supporting rehab at City Hospital felt right to us. Anything we can give to help people regain independence, we are proud to do.

We’ve realized that there comes a point in everyone’s life where you have to decide what’s going to happen with your estate when you are gone. You have to consider what really matters to you. What strikes a chord with you? What mattered in your life and in your family? Olive and I have guiding values from our work as teachers: humanity, compassion and justice. And all of those values come to life through our giving to City Hospital.