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Equip for Excellence is a multi-million dollar, multi-year campaign to enhance healthcare at Saskatoon City Hospital through the purchase of equipment, resources and technology. Major capital equipment purchases in the past year include a state-of-the-art cystoscopy suite, new endoscopic operating systems, point-of-care and elite ultrasound units for various departments, and visual field analyzers for eye care. In recent years, the campaign also enabled a $2 million dollar upgrade of the hospital’s Surgical Pathology Lab.

You can improve the quality of care and quality of life for your family, friends and neighbours and even you.

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Currently, priority items have been requested for the hospital’s Rehab Centre, Eye Care Centre, Operating Room, Ambulatory Care, Emergency Department, Diagnostic Imaging, Surgical Services, Anatomic Pathology Lab and more.

The Eye Care Centre helps patients as young as infants and many who are much older. Your support restores and repairs vision.

Almost half of all surgeries in the Saskatoon region are done in Saskatoon City Hospital’s Operating Room. By supporting new, less invasive surgical techniques, you’re helping many people return home the same day.

Every moment counts in the hospital’s Emergency Department. If a patient can be diagnosed sooner they can also receive effective treatment sooner. When you provide medical staff with the right equipment and technologies, they’ll save lives.

Pathology and laboratory medicine is vital for patients. When you support the hospital’s Anatomic Pathology Lab, you’re helping patients get the answers they need!

Another key diagnostic tool is the hospital’s Medical Imaging department. Your gift helps 55,000 outpatients and inpatients every year. The better the image, the better the diagnoses, the better the treatment!

More than 95 per cent of patients who come to the hospital go home the same day! Many of these visit the hospital’s Ambulatory Care department. Your support means patients are benefitting from latest advancements in medical equipment and procedures.

While immediate treatment after a stroke or following an accident is crucial, so too is recovery. Saskatoon City Hospital’s Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation Centre offers intensive care and effective therapies. Your support makes it possible for so many to return to full and healthy lives.

Preparing more than one million doses annually for Saskatoon and beyond, accuracy is crucial in the hospital’s Pharmacy Department. Supporting the latest equipment means patients access the best treatments in the safest way.




If you’d like more specific information about current needs, call the Foundation at 306-655-8489 or email [email protected].

Support Equip for Excellence and ensure that patients at Saskatoon City Hospital have the best!

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Your gifts help 70 principal investigators, research fellows, grad students, technicians and support staff, learn more about the cause of MS, how to treat it, and ultimately find a cure.

Your Impact

Your support of the Foundation’s Fellowship/Residency Training Program will fill service gaps and meet patient needs, support and retain young talent, and enhance treatment options.