Elise Truscott

EY Black Tie Bingo

Volunteer position: committee member

A young, working professional, Elise Truscott wanted to do more. Fortunately, she knew just who to ask.

Elise is friends with the daughter of Terry Sirois, a former and long-time Foundation board member who also worked on the EY Black Tie Bingo committee. “I’d told her that I wanted to get involved in the community and volunteer somewhere.”

Terry suggested the EY Black Tie Bingo, the Foundation’s spring gala. “I wasn’t expecting anything like that but, having done it, I’ve discovered it’s a really fun way to raise funds for the hospital. It’s important for supporting things like equipment or research that has a big impact on the community.”

The Federated Co-op employee has worked with the EY Black Tie Bingo’s organizing committee since 2018. Elise, who’s also involved in her condominium board, has previously volunteered for other events, women’s initiatives, and international causes.