Randy Singler

Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation

Volunteer position: Chair, volunteer board of directors

Randy Singler was on the Foundation’s volunteer board of directors for nine years, including a two-year term as chair of the board.

His reasons for volunteering for the Foundation are very personal. Early in adulthood, Randy broke his leg. “When treating me, my doctor discovered a blood clot and rushed me to Saskatoon City Hospital. Together, they saved my life. I’m also happy to serve the hospital because my grandma worked there and so many people in my family have received great care there.”

As a local realtor, Randy learned of the Foundation through its Pink House campaign. He was asked by the board chair to join and has been active since, notably as chair of the Events committee. “I’m a big believer that, if you have the resources and time, you should give back. I love doing that as part of the Foundation.”

Randy is active with Synergy 8 Community Builders, a small group of dedicated business people that’s raised more than $4 million for kid’s causes in the city. He and his spouse, Sherri, also volunteer for Care and Share at Caroline Robins School.