Karen Katz

Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation Gift Shoppe

Volunteer position: sales clerk

“I chose City Hospital because I like the busyness of places like hospitals and airports where different people are always coming and going. The volunteer coordinator suggested the gift shop for me and it has been a good fit.”

At the Gift Shoppe, Katz “enjoys people who come through the gift shop, as well as the nicely displayed, ever changing collection of merchandise in the shop. It’s meaningful to me both as a volunteer and a consumer to know that I’m supporting the Hospital Foundation and patient care when I give of my time or money.”

For her, volunteering is something “I’ve always done.” She notes extracurricular activities during her teaching career, involvement in her boys’ activities, in church, and community. “I simply believe it’s something we should all do to in some small way make our world a better place.”

Katz has done infant care and hosted small groups for her church, cooked for youth retreats, and offered math tutoring. For the past three years, she’s been assisting a newcomer to Canada family, helping with “education, healthcare, finances, and pretty much anything else they need!”