Anne Frost

Saskatoon City Hospital

Volunteer position: information desk

Anne Frost has been spending her Thursday mornings at Saskatoon City Hospital for the past 19 years. “I’m a morning person and just love spending my time here.”

Anne had volunteered elsewhere but wanted to do something more fulfilling. A fellow volunteer recommended Saskatoon City Hospital. She first worked and loved being in the library, a position many other volunteers wouldn’t do.

For the past few years, you’d find Anne cheerily greeting people at the hospital’s information desk. “I just love it because it’s so people-oriented.”

Anne and her husband, Stan, are also Foundation donors. “We like the Foundation because you can choose what area of the hospital to support. In our case, because we have a family member with MS, we support the MS research centre.”

Anne also volunteers with the Live Well Chronic Disease program. She has no intent on ‘retiring’ any time soon. “The nice thing about volunteering is age doesn’t matter.”