Gwen and Lionel’s Story

I worked as a nurse at City Hospital in the 1970s, and I had both my kids there. Lionel and I have also both experienced excellent care since. Lionel had both knees replaced. I found a lump in my breast in 2018 and have been treated at the Breast Health Centre.

Helping now, helping forever.

We believe strongly in supporting the Hospital Foundation. I know first-hand that staff need and deserve the best equipment and updated training. In fact, that’s precisely how they can deliver terrific care to people like us. When I was in nursing, you really didn’t have much to work with. But today, when we can give and help provide life-saving and life-improving equipment, that feels really good. And I look at the whole picture: when we all help out, the Foundation can buy new equipment, train staff, predict what they have to spend, and they can know they have a
combination of reliable funds and also have enough for urgent needs.

Lionel and I both agree that once you start giving, it’s so easy to keep giving! We donate every year and we also have left a gift in our Will. We like to give both ways—we like to see how we are helping right now, and we also know that we’ll continue to help after we’re gone. Lionel and I are so blessed, and our faith tells us to share what we have.

Every bit counts. You have to realize that even if you give or leave what might seem like a little bit to you, it all adds up.