You’re making life better for patients like Garry

A medical condition requires Garry Derenoski to undergo regular intravenous treatments in the Saskatoon City Hospital Clinical Treatment Centre.

Because of that, his veins are hard to find, making it difficult for nurses to start IVs. Often, he’d be ‘poked’ 10 times before nurses could find a decent vein.

Garry became one of the first patients to benefit from a new vein viewer. The viewer uses near infrared light to display a real time, high definition image of patients’ vasculature on the skin. With clear and accurate views of vein locations, it’s easier for medical staff to insert IVs.

Garry knows it works. “The first day they used the vein viewer on me, they had a perfect vein and the IV was started on the first try. It was an incredible experience.”