You helped a young man walk — and ride — better!

Easton Genest is a 17-year-old dirt bike racer who crashed his bike in 2021. “My bike landed on top of me and broke my hip,” he told the Foundation in spring of 2022.

While it healed, he continued to experience hip pain. He visited several doctors, hoping for surgery, but the waiting lists were too long. Eventually, a surgeon in Regina suggested he contact Dr. Matthew Mastel. Thanks to donors like you, Dr. Mastel recently established Saskatoon’s first arthroscopy practice at City Hospital. The procedure is less invasive and less intensive than total hip replacement, ideal for people like Easton.

“I was amazed that it took only three incisions and seven stitches. I was in the hospital for a day.” After recovery and rehab Easton was back on the bike in the late spring. “It felt brand new. I was feeling so comfortable to be on the bike again.”

Easton thanks donors who made his surgery and recovery possible. “Thank you for getting the tools into Saskatchewan. It’s made my life better.”

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