Valerie’s Story

City Hospital is a thread that connects the story of my whole life. I was born at City Hospital! I trained at the School of Nursing, and at that time, we lived right there in the residence and would walk next door to the Hospital. It was a home to me.

Nursing is my heart and soul.

Nursing is my heart and soul. And City Hospital is our community, family Hospital and always has been. I worked 20 years in the emergency department, as a general duty nurse, assistant head nurse and head nurse. I’ve also worked in our community in cancer care, long-term care and palliative care. And I’ve been a patient at City Hospital. I’ve had the experience of going through the Breast Health Centre and having surgery at City Hospital and my care was exceptional. I give because it’s important to do my part, show my appreciation for the care I received, and for my rewarding career.

You just never know when you’re going to need our Hospital. Every one of us plays a part in helping our Hospital. When you’ve had the experience of really good care, you know how much it matters now and into the future. That’s why I have also left City Hospital Foundation in my Will. When I served on the Board, my respect and admiration for City Hospital only grew. Every year there is an important advancement like bringing in more specialists, developing more precise procedures, purchasing new equipment—all to meet the needs of our patients. Giving in my Will means I’ll continue to play my part, in some way, forever. I believe our experiences are our greatest voice, and I hope by sharing my story someone else will consider what they can do for our beloved Hospital here at home.