Laura’s Story

I spent exactly 32.68 years teaching, mostly grade 1 and 2, including working with primary schools in Botswana and teachers in Grenada. But the most wonderful experience I’ve ever had was the care I received at City Hospital after I fell and cracked my pelvis. From the moment I arrived, I felt that everyone’s goal was to get me better. I felt so much encouragement and love. I was never criticized. I never saw a frown.

One morning, after I’d been walking a bit, but not far, it was time for breakfast. One of the nurses wanted me to walk by myself to the dining room, which was further than I had been able to go. It was the best breakfast of my life—so wonderful and rewarding!

I never saw a frown.

I have City Hospital in my Will because it means that much to me. It feels good to know they’ll have a little more money to be able to continue their good work.