Family purchases vein viewer for hospital

Brian and Kathy Turnquist responded to a Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation request to fund a new blanket warmer for one of the units. It already had been paid for by another donor so the couple asked what else they could do.

The Foundation asked and the Turnquists readily agreed to fund a second vein viewer for the hospital. It uses infrared technology to map a patient’s veins and is ideal especially for people who present difficulty with IV starts. The hospital already had one viewer but it was so in demand, a second was needed.

The couple were thrilled to tour the Clinical Treatment Centre and receive a demo of the technology.

“The health care system has always been good to us whenever we needed to access it,” says Brian, a retired accountant. “This is our way of giving back and helping people. It’s not just helping patients, it’s also helping staff do their jobs better.”

The Foundation thanks the Turnquists!