Backyard Barbecue

After surviving breast cancer in 2015, Cheryl Leier and her husband, Rick, wanted to give back to the Breast Health Centre. The Leiers held a backyard barbecue and encouraged their friends to donate.

“We’d been to another fundraiser and bought a backyard bash in the silent auction,” Rick explains. “We did it thinking we could use it to raise donations for the Breast Health Centre, because of the care Cheryl got.” The Leiers have had three barbecues, raising $7,000, $7,500 and $8,000!

They’re not too surprised, Cheryl says. “Our son put it best when he introduced a song he’d written for me. He said he had an aunt, a grandmother, a mother and friends that were affected by breast cancer. It touches so many people. Rick, I and our family are happy to do what we can to help others going through what I did.”